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Movie Review: Exam (2009)

Exam is a physchological thriller film directed by Hazeldine and written by Simon Garrity and Stuart Hazeldine. Starring by Luke Malby, Nathalie Cox, John Lloyd Fillingham, Jimi Mistry and Adar Beck. With the runtime 101 minuts, this film tells about 8 candidates who did the final test to gets the important position in a mysterious and powerfull corporation.

Locked together in an exam room, they seated in a different desk and given an exam paper and a few simple rules. The Invigilator explains the rules that they can't talk to the administrator or the armed guard at the door, spoil their paper, or leave the room. If they do that, they will be disqualified. There is no laws in the room. The only laws is the rules.

There's only one question and one answer is required. They only need to answer the question in 80 minutes to pass the test. It seems like a simple test, but it's not so simple. As the time started they turns their paper but there is no question there, no writing, and no clue what is the next step. 

One of the candidates immediately disqualified for spoiling her paper by writing "I believe I deserve...". The remaining candidates realize that they can talk to each other and they decide to work together to figure out wht is the question and then they can compete to answer it. The candidates tried anything to reveal the question on the paper. They use the light, body fluids, and fire sprinkles but nothing happened. The tensions begin to rise as the time is running out and the candidates become desperate to figure out what the queston is.

So what is the real question? Who is finally passes the exam and gets the job?
This film is interesting. It makes you wondering abput what is going on and what the question is. It's unpredictable and one worth watching film. 

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